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[摘要]Unit 3 1 Travelling on those bad mountain roads is a ____ and I will never risk my life like that f


Unit 3
 1. Travelling on those bad mountain roads is a ____ and I will never risk my life like that from now on.

   [A] nightfall     [B] darkness

   [C] nightmare     [D] dream

 2. The car ____ the garage door when he was trying to move his car in and caused a minor damage to it.

   [A] rubbed       [B] contacted

   [C] brushed      [D] grazed

 3. We must severely punish those terrorism who violate the ____ of civilized societies.

   [A] notions      [B] norms

   [C] conceptions    [D] behaviors

 4. The driver lost all the goods ____ for lack of responsibility and caution.

   [A] on purpose     [B] in public

   [C] in transit     [D] in reality

 5. He was arrested for using drugs and the ____ publicity mined his career.

   [A] continuous     [B] resultant

   [C] remaining     [D] reluctant

 6. I failed to go to her wedding because it ____ with my examination.

   [A] disagreed     [B] clashed

   [C] clamped      [D] fought

 7. The doctor wrote me a ____ for medicine for my cough.

   [A] description    [B] prescription

   [C] prestige      [D] contribution

 8. A few ____ members of the crowd attacked the vendor who did not give them a good bargain.

   [A] military      [B] inoffensive

   [C] mild        [D] militant

 9. The village was ____ because of the danger of a flood.

   [A] departed      [B] removed

   [C] emptied      [D] evacuated

 10. The mass movement for technical ____ is vigorously forging ahead in the factory.

   [A] conviction     [B] innovation

   [C] initiative     [D] enactment

 11. I heard that there is a unanimous vote at the afternoon meeting. So what is the ____ of opinion?

   [A] contract      [B] consent

   [C] compromise     [D] consensus

 12. She was so poor at her English that her mother hired a(n) ____ to teach her English at home.

   [A] assistant     [B] driller

   [C] guide       [D] tutor

 13, ____ he is a very serious and strict scholar, but actually he is not that kind of person at all.

   [A] Virtually     [B] Seemingly

   [C] Decisively     [D] Likely

 14. The whole nation was in the great impact of the earthquake and the ____ confusion.

   [A] consequent     [B] related

   [C] consumptive    [D] conspicuous

 15. The pupil was ____ for stealing and cheating in exams several times.

   [A] deleted      [B] canceled

   [C] ousted       [D] expelled

 16. Economics and politics are best studied together as the two subjects ____.

   [A] overlap      [B] slash

   [C] flap        [D] slap

 17. Though the model worker is already very old, his rich experience is not to be ____.

   [A] denounced     [B] discounted

   [C] discerned     [D] deducted

 18. The memory of the accident often ____ to me and makes me upset.

   [A] attributes     [B] occurs

   [C] reclaims      [D] recurs

 19. The conviction was not made after the trial and was postponed to the next session for the ____ were divided in opinion.

   [A] committee     [B] judges

   [C] judgements     [D] jury

 20. Records indicate that tortoise can live longer than any other animal with a ____, which forms the axis of skeleton.

   [A] skull       [B] spine

   [C] spin        [D] ankle

 21. The cupboard door is ____ on the right, so it opens on the left.

   [A] tied        [B] hinged

   [C] depended      [D] fastened

 22. There need not any introduction. We"re already ____ with each other.

   [A] known       [B] acquainted

   [C] heard       [D] met

 23. The poor child suffered from malnutrition because he was always eating those ____ food.

   [A] trash       [B] junk

   [C] litter       [D] rubbish

 24. I don"t think she is cold-blooded; her tears ____ her grief.

   [A] testified     [B] judged

   [C] accused      [D] tolerated

 25. The police came and ____ the noisy youths from the cafe room.

   [A] drove       [B] ejected

   [C] abandoned     [D] eliminated

 26. ____ of them knew about the plan because it was secret.

   [A] Some        [B] Any

   [C] No one       [D] None

 27. There is very ____ hope that he will survive the car accident.

   [A] few        [B] a few

   [C] much        [D] little

 28. I have two brothers.One is a scientist; ____ is an artist.

   [A] another      [B] the other

   [C] others       [D] the others

 29. On Sundays,they often go to ____ to hear music.

   [A] a church      [B] the church

   [C] church       [D] some churches

 30. Do you have ____ coffee left?

   [A] some        [B] any

   [C] any of       [D] a lot

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