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[摘要]Unit 2 1 Do not ____ yourself; it was not your fault [A] retort       [B] represent [C] reproach


Unit 2
 1. Do not ____ yourself; it was not your fault.

   [A] retort       [B] represent

   [C] reproach      [D] repress

 2. I deem the girl was in a bad health for the handshake with her was so ____.

   [A] limp        [B] lame

   [C] soft        [D] strong

 3. This new process, which is easily learned and operated, should be particularly ____ to companies once put into effect.

   [A] advanced      [B] favorite

   [C] advantageous    [D] admirable

 4. This disease ____ itself in yellowness of the skin and eyes.

   [A] manifests     [B] modifies

   [C] magnifies     [D] exposes

 5. Is there any possible ____ explanation for his bad health since he seems to have no obvious disease?

   [A] psychiatric    [B] psychological

   [C] surgical      [D] physical

 6. Their ____ building is located next to the park, so it is very convenient for them to have a walk after supper.

   [A] residential    [B] presidential

   [C] conditional    [D] accidental

 7. The hostess welcomed her guests in a ____ manner, which made all the people present at ease.

   [A] spacious      [B] suspicious

   [C] gracious      [D] merciful

 8. We should make mental preparation for failure, because there is only a(n) ____ number of possibilities of success.

   [A] infinite      [B] finite

   [C] innumerable    [D] numerous

 9. ____ the bad weather has delayed the flight, so it would be several hours before they could arrive.

   [A] Presumably     [B] Respectively

   [C] Imaginably     [D] Plausibly

 10. The baby monkey ____ to its mother all day.

   [A] held        [B] grasped

   [C] stuck       [D] clung

 11. Seeing the General coming his way, the soldier stopped and gave him a smart ____.

   [A] toast       [B] salute

   [C] tribute      [D] solution

 12. They send information every week, ____ whether it"s useful or not.

   [A] in consideration of [B] irrespective of

   [C] with the exception of[D] with regard to

 13. We had a ____ lesson in ideological education yesterday and were deeply impressed.

   [A] profound      [B] deep

   [C] extreme      [D] shallow

 14. Did you get any ____ when you are dismissed from your job?

   [A] fund        [B] loan

   [C] bonus       [D] compensation

 15. Children of poor health are very ____ to colds in winter and should be taken care of particularly.

   [A] willing      [B] ready

   [C] reluctant     [D] prone

 16. You may not have heard of the ____ poet, but he is very original and creative and I believe he will become well-known someday.

   [A] obscure      [B] vague

   [C] vicious      [D] prominent

 17. In economic reform in our country, the greatest step is to transform the operational ____ of an state-owned enterprise.

   [A] system       [B] mechanics

   [C] techniques     [D] mechanism

 18. I know him very well after so many years, now I have no ____ about his ability.

   [A] image       [B] illusion

   [C] imagination    [D] ideal

 19. Now, with the ____ and popularity of the home computer, its advantages and disadvantages have been a subject of discussion.

   [A] adventure     [B] advance

   [C] advent       [D] adult

 20. The machine got somewhat eroded, but this oil will ____ it well.

   [A] lubricate     [B] decorate

   [C] extinct      [D] illuminate

 21. Shakespeare has many great works. Some of them are ____, others are tragedies.

   [A] comedians     [B] comedies

   [C] funs        [D] catastrophes

 22. She tried to ____ my mind and discover what I was thinking.

   [A] examine      [B] probe

   [C] search       [D] inspect

 23. Please _ the staff that the inspectors will be here on Monday and let them make good preparations.

   [A] modify       [B] ratify

   [C] rectify      [D] notify

 24. The government built the monument to ____ those who died in the war.

   [A] memorize      [B] celebrate

   [C] lament       [D] commemorate

 25. Technical innovation is ____ in improving the qualities of products.

   [A] instrumental    [B] beneficial

   [C] important     [D] interrelate

 26. Please explain your statement. I have no ____ what you are talking about.

   [A] contemplation   [B] imagination

   [C] notion       [D] norm

 27. A ____ refers to an act or operation to move an organ, piece of skin, hair, etc. from one person or animal to another.

   [A] transplantation  [B] shift

   [C] transformation   [D] transmission

 28. They ____ evidence and threatened witnesses not to tell the truth to anyone else.

   [A]produced      [B] fabricated

   [C]created       [D] manipulated

 29. He was ____ on the telephone so I asked him to speak more clearly.

   [A]muttering      [B] grumbling

   [C]groping       [D] shuddering

 30. All the roads ____ from the center of the town and extend in different directions towards major historical sights.

   [A]reflect       [B] respond

   [C]deflect       [D] radiate

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